MPs to investigate impact of built environment and planning on children’s wellbeing.

The Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (LUHC) Committee has released a call for evidence as it tries to look at how better planning and building and urban design in England could enhance young people’s wellbeing.

Committee chair Clive Betts said that “planning and development should not be indifferent to the interests of young people”.

“Stories of developers disregarding promises to deliver earmarked spaces for children highlight flaws in the current approach to the built environment. The committee’s inquiry will want to examine how children’s needs are being met by the current planning process.”
Betts added: “In our inquiry, we want to find out more about how children and young people experience outdoor spaces in towns, cities and rural areas across England. What policy interventions from local and central government could help to deliver streets, estates, villages, neighbourhoods and parks that enable kids to enjoy active outdoor lifestyles and engage with others?”

The committee is keen to hear from urban planners, charities, health professionals, councils and more about good examples of policy and good practice.

The inquiry will principally concern landscape architecture and urban planning and will examine local and national government planning policies, guidance and delivery.
Evidence sessions for the inquiry are likely to begin in spring 2024.