Reuben Mills

Sales Manager

It was my late mother who first introduced me to property at the tender age of 17. I had just started my job at a high street bank, and she suggested that I purchase a property as a ‘buy to let’.

I didn’t quite understand the concept of buying a property NOT to live in at the time. Years later and armed with the knowledge mum had bestowed on me, this buy to let would provide the springboard to our now family home and point me in the direction of a career in bricks and mortar.

I had developed a genuine passion for property. I began on the ground floor as a negotiator and quickly worked my way up to senior levels, managing sales teams for both corporate and independent agencies. My transition into property now spans over two decades, also incorporating an extensive knowledge of land, new homes and development.

Prior to property, my previous roles at the bank, customer relations and leisure all had one thing in common – customer service. This was key in all of these sectors and has been adopted as a core principal of Here Property Group.

I’m a genuine, ‘people person’ and for me, customer service and building relationships is paramount. 

I love meeting, greeting and helping people. If I can assist you in your next property purchase, I’d love to hear from you.

Outside of ‘Here’, what little time I have is dedicated to my very sporty children, whereby you’ll usually find me at a football academy somewhere or trackside at an athletics meet.

Interests: Music, Cooking, Football, Athletics and NFL. In reality, if it’s sport, I’m interested.